ONLINE COURSE "How to paint your dog"

Throughout the course I will demonstrate every stage for you to follow along with so you can paint a portrait of your dog in a fun style. 

We'll spend some time simplifying a photograph of your dog into a cartoon style design, then you'll get started on the stages of building up your painting.  The stages are:

1: Lets start and how to photograph your dog 

2: Composition and design and Background 

3: Shapes and blocking 

4: Eyes and nose 

5: Hair and shading 

6: Personalised details and finishing touches 

The course is scheduled in this way so you can really get stuck into the stages but also adapt them around your current time commitments.  

You have 2 choices of purchase, either with or without materials.  Without materials is often a better option for international students, so they can purchase locally and not be subject to expensive international postage costs.

If you choose WITH materials (for UK students) your kit will include:

🎨 Canvas

🎨 Brushes

🎨 Acrylic paint

🎨 20 on-demand videos

🎨 A collection of downloadable resources 

🎨 Lifetime access

🎨 Access on mobile and computer

🎨 LIVE demonstrations

🎨 Tips and techniques updates

🎨 Tailored advice and tips for each artist

In preparation you my like to gather together, paper, kitchen roll, table cover, apron, wet wipes, chalk, hair-dryer, water container for brushes, a pallet to mix paints on (an old plate will do) and an easel (not essential).

There's extra online video lessons and a Facebook support group (accessible anytime) and will be the place where Sam broadcasts a LIVE demonstration and top tips each week

Who this course is for:
  • All Ages
  • Hobby or professional artists
  • Beginner friendly with very simple step by step tutorials