This is a brand new gert-lush collection called "Mini Moo-ers" (said with a cheeky West Country twang).  Presented in a deep boxed antique white frame and mount.  Ready to hang.

The mini moo-era collection will grow over the year and there's a little story that inspires each one.  

Cow cake: I remember being sent to look for cow cake thinking it was something with a cherry on top (it was a bit like being sent for tartan paint).  Cow cake it's a real thing just not as you might picture it!

You're my lucky charm: Some people just make you feel like the luckiest person in the world.  Just having them around means everything is going to be okay.

I love you honey: Look closely and follow the multi-coloured trail to the bee on the nose.  Sometimes the things we love the most are right under our nose!

Hello beautiful: Two words that can make someone smile from the inside out

You're my sunshine:  We all know a person that just brightens your day, well this design deserved the happiest and brightest of colours to illustrate their impact.

Hey chick: A cheeky little character that is just so cute, you smile every time you see them

Click on the pink line below to choose your favourite.