Original Artwork

My aim as an artist is to paint life beautiful everyday by making someone smile.

Original art is an important purchase and there's nothing quite like the thrill of finding the perfect piece.  If you are looking to invest in something that is uniquely beautiful, whether you're enhancing a room with a piece of art, giving a special keepsake or simply for the love of it, it has to be original art.

Original paintings are tactile and have luscious textural variations in the painting, that draw you in to look closer. The paintings have a touchable quality that sets them apart and brings them alive.  Whether your taste runs to the bold and stylised or to traditional and realistic, the painting you choose is bound to have a big impact on your space.  

Your artwork will arrive ready to hang for you and will be accompanied with it's unique certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and super wrapped for protection during delivery.
If you don't quite see what you're looking for here - you may prefer to commission me to create you something of your own design.  This may take a wee bit longer as I work through my confirmed commission bookings.


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