Be an Artist - The Business Framework, online course


If you're a bit like me, you hate wasting time watching trashy TV and would rather be working on something creative and productive.  You might be interested in the art business framework, "Be An Artist" online course for people who just like me love to bring their creative projects to life.  The Be An Artist course has 6 themes and it's a good fit for you if you find yourself saying YES to the following questions:

1 - Branding
Not sure if people instantly know your work? Bit confused about your signature style?

2 - Productivity
You've got limited time to do this? Your stuck and frustrated with slow progress at trying the same thing again and again?

3 - Systems
You get confused with all the tech tools out there? You wonder how other people manage it without an admin team, a personal assistant and live in chef?!

4 - Products
You're not really sure how to turn your designs into products? It feels like an expensive risk?

5 - Marketing 
Not really sure what marketing you should be doing?  You flit from idea to idea and struggle to be noticed?

6 - Selling
You'd prefer to hide behind your sofa than sell? You feel offended when asked for a discount and can't understand why people don't appreciate the time you invested to make something?

This is a self-paced course created with videos, a pdf checklists, a mini challenges and a creative business plan template to help you create your own plan.   I offer encouragement and support through this learning experience and review all submitted creative business plans.

On submission of your business plan there is an option to work 1-2-1 with Sam to create a 3 month action plan to transform your art business, and bespoke coaching during that period.  Are ready to take control of your day and create new opportunities for you and your business?

I coach creative people in building their business.  If you would like to sign up please register your interest. 

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