Having toured and exhibited my cow art at the major UK agricultural shows since 2012, I have witnessed the love, care and attention that British farmers bestow on their cattle.  Their passion for the countryside, love of rural living and unique lifestyle is what I find wholly fascinating.

With that in mind 2017 will be the start of a large project, which will include touring farms across Great Britain meeting farmers, writing-up their stories and learning about their favourite characters in order to create a painting that captures it all.

This will research will inform a new art collection that will be a celebration of the universally loved animal the cow, in recognition and appreciation of all who champion the British countryside and our agricultural history.  From supreme champions, to rare breeds to much loved members of a farming family the paintings will represent rural success, family legacy and British country style.

The launch of the exclusive "Cows of Great Britain" art project and subsequent exhibition will be announced in 2017.

If you would like to be part of this project, drop me a note on this contact form, telling me what breed of cattle you have, where you farm and something about your story of being a farmer.

I will be in touch to arrange a visit to you and your farm, you and your cows will be interviewed, filmed and photographed as part of the project.


Please get in touch!