Love is the best gift

by Samantha Morris
Sometimes I'm creating things that I can't utter a word about for ages and that's usually because someone has asked me to create something extra special and keep it as a surprise.  I should receive my secret service honorary badge any day now!
Simon contacted me a year ago wanting to create a special surprise for his wife-to-be, Sam.  He wanted a beautiful contemporary piece of art which would make the perfect personal gift and make a treasured keepsake.  Simon mentioned that Sam's favourite flowers are sunflowers, that the wedding colour theme included teal, and that their daughter's nickname is "little mouse".  So we incorporated all of those little details into the design and I added their wedding date on the ear tag as a finishing touch. 
 This artwork now takes pride of place in the happy couple’s home, treasuring special memories of their wedding and creating a talking point for family and friends who visit.
If you are inspired and you would like to create a thoughtful unique gift of art, just drop me a little email.  The thing I love most about making art is creating something special for people, something that makes them feel loved and understood.  It's the greatest job to have and it is made all the more brilliant when customers share with me what happened next.  In this case both Simon and Sam took the time to drop me a line and send me the photo's below.
I received this message from Simon as he received the parcel:
"Hi there Sam, Just a quick note to say that I have got the package! (Well it was at work yesterday but I've not been in the office until today) and just WOW!!!! The presentation is fabulous! I never expected that!! Now I don't need to wrap it all nice as you have done the job for me even with a sunny flower ribbon too... nice touch!   I've not opened it obviously but the painting is stunning and exactly what I wanted and the cushion is great too.... Sam you are a bloody star, job well done and I'll definitely be ordering again but also hope to bump into you at a show at somepoint too!  I'll get a pic sent off the 3 of us with the painting and a pic when it is hung... thanks again for everything Sam,  Best wishes, Simon"
Then I received this lovely message from Sam, Simon's wife shortly after their special day:
"Hi Sam! I have wanted to contact you for a few days now but I'm still waiting for our wedding photo with our picture to come back to me. I just wanted to say a huge heart felt thanks for the beautiful picture you did for me for my wedding. You captured everything perfectly and adding mouse was the icing on the cake (so to speak!) Also, thank you for the cushion too, it is cuddled every night and has pride of place on my sofa (unless sticky fingers are around!) I absolutely love what you have done and was completely blown away when Sy gave it to me in the camper van on our way to the reception. The venue then very kindly displayed it on the top table for all our guests to admire too! hopefully we will see you at a show in the not so distant future! Best wishes and lots of love, Sam and mouse (aka Lydia!)"


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