Live an adventure - illustrating stories

by Samantha Morris

Recently I've celebrated 10 years as a full time artist.  A special milestone that celebrates the determination and tenacity required to live a creative life.  10 years of full on creativity and lots of cows! Every year I look for a new experience that’s going to aid my creative business, sometimes opportunities jump out at me and other times I need to seek them out. Either way I’ve learnt to be ready for them. To be ready for the opportunities you have to do things differently, say yes to the thing that surprises and challenges you. You’ll learn new skills of course, but more importantly you’ll learn more about yourself, which is more valuable than you realise in the moment. Stop once in a while to look back and notice common themes, there’s little clues to what you really love to do. Discard all other distractions (as soon as you realise it’s a distraction - that bit can take a while!).

The path is never linear and it’s hard to predict. When you feel stuck you’ll need friends who let you stand on their shoulders for a new perspective and it’s your responsibility to be that friend for others too. Know that how you recover from personal and professional challenges will shape your future, be intuitive with your actions. It’s our job in our lifetime to become the best we can be and it’s our choice to make it the most thrilling adventure.

Thank you to all my friends who let me stand on their shoulders.
2012. Paint my first cow “Vanessa” and Animal Art Exhibition, Southbank London
2013. Website, online sales development and work licensed
2014. 30 in-person shows and transition to a full-time artist
2015. 15 Shops and retail partners across the UK
2016. Commissions and product development
2017. Professional Oil diploma at The Norfolk Painting School
2018. Teaching painting workshops across the UK
2019. The Loft studio and teaching workshop set-up
2020. 21 Days of Creativity, online teaching and corporate wellbeing partnerships
2021. Time on the Brush creative airbnb and gallery set-up
2022. Illustrating stories


Over the past year I've explored new possibilities in visually telling stories with my art, mixing painterly expression with illustrative narrative.  Some of you may have seen the my new collection of paintings featuring characters exploring the world around them.  I love the challenge of how to create a painting that feels like an adventure, a fascinating moment of discovery.




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