We got an A+ team!

by Samantha Morris

We got an A+ team! A big heartfelt thanks to all the folk  who generously shared their thoughts on visual thinking for my dissertation! Your insights have added a valuable layer to my research on adult picture books and stroke recovery. With over 200 of you taking time to add your contributions it truly highlights the diverse perspectives within our community. Thank you!

My dissertation dives into the world of adult picture books and how they can be a powerful tool for adults recovering from strokes. I mention some of the challenges of stroke recovery, the role of these books, and the idea of making the whole experience more sensory. Drawing from my own experiences, I'm really excited about the potential therapeutic benefits of these picture books for the emotional, cognitive, and social aspects of recovery. Stay tuned as I plan to create a personalised picture book in my final semester of university. It's all about making recovery a bit more personal and meaningful.

If you're interested, click to read to read the full dissertation.


Mr Morris during his stroke rehabilitation

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