Wildly Inspired

by Samantha Morris


Welcome to "Wildly Inspired" painting project club inspired by wild animals and stories that are unique to them. £120 for your 12 month subscription, every 30 days you'll have access to a brand new painting project. We start on 1st Jan 2021 but you can join anytime and any months you have missed you can watch anytime on playback. 

Click the link to join https://sammorrispaintingschool.thinkific.com/courses/wildly-inspired

Frequent Asked Questions: 

1:What materials do I need to invest in?

You can start with an acrylic paint set, here's a link to look at a few suggestions that vary in cost dependant on how much you want to spend, starting from approx £20 https://artdiscount.co.uk/collections/acrylic-paint-sets/products/daler-rowney-graduate-acrylic-selection-set

 I will mostly be using a medium flat head and and small angle acrylic brush (approx price £7) and I will be painting on wooden panels, which can also be ordered online from any of the following:

Cass Art

Jacksons Art


Art Discount  

2: What if I miss a month?

No problem, the projects are released on the 1st of every month and then stay on your school platform for you to access and playback anytime

3: How long will I have access to the projects?

Lifetime access

4: Will there be a different theme next year?

Yes - to be decided for 2022!

5: Can I pay monthly?

No, but you can buy gift vouchers month by month and then credit them to purchase the subscription when you are ready, here's a link https://www.samantha-morris.com/products/gift-card

6: Is this suitable for beginners?

Yes, the project takes you through sketching, building shapes, building layers and detail effects step by step.

7: Where do I share my finished work with you?

Once you have a live membership you will be invited to our private Facebook group, where you can share your finished projects, shout when you get stuck, get inspired by your fellow class mates and contribute your support to others too.

8: What happens at the end of the subscription?

At the end of the year we will have a class online exhibition of our work throughout the year and you will be invited to join 2022.

9: Do I have to paint on canvas?

I would recommend you paint on canvas, wooden panels, or canvas pad for the best results.  Wooden panels are easy to store and take up less space than canvas

10: How is this course different to "Inspired to Paint" 6 week course?

Inspired to Paint is a course that takes you through design principals and elements of painting.  We look at composition, colour, story, texture, values, methods and techniques.  We also take on a number of active studies of other great artists to learn how they achieve certain effects.  This takes place over six weeks and is a mix of pre-recorded lessons and live studio sessions where we paint along together.

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