Happy Customers

I am very lucky to receive, thank you notes, little gifts, special messages, happy photos and extended kindness from my Cow Customers.  Their encouragement inspires my next move and fuels my effort - without them, this would not be possible.  Here's a snapshot of their kindness ...

  • "I just wanted to say thanks again for everything the past couple of months. It has been such a task to try and keep quiet as I was so excited but I couldn't have done it without you (obviously). Thanks for making it so special and for making it so special on the day too. Bex hasn't stopped smiling since." - Gus
  • "Wow that is organised haha this is defiantly my kind of christmas shopping" - George
  •  "I am so thrilled with the painting, I can't quite believe it's mine! The only downside is that it matches with our decor in the lounge without having to redecorate.  You really are a very talented lady, it is absolutely amazing". Jacki
  • "Thank you so much for the picture, I love it, and more importantly the wife (who's birthday it is for) adores it.  I have liked your Facebook page and I will endeavour to follow this up with a picture of the artwork in its new home and I have no doubt that I will be placing further orders in the future. Thank you again for all your help, it really is great to see that some people in this world are still willing to go that extra mile.  Take care and all the best with future creations." - Tris
  • "Great site Sam. Your art's lovely! I really enjoyed reading your posts ... my life you work hard! But what a great source of inspiration! You deserve every success" - Sarah
  • "I think I have just fallen in love.  Your work is fabulous, I'm grinning from ear to ear!" -Roberta
  • "I've just received my 2nd lot of cards from Cow Club, I love them especially Wee Beastie!" - Vicki