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Sshhh! I'm an artist

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Do you have a burning desire to be an artist but don’t know HOW to unlock your creative confidence?  Have you ignored your creativity for too long?  I was a secret creative for 20 years and now as a professional full time artist I support others to make that transformation.

3 out of 5 people in the UK want to leave their job for a more fulfilling existence but finding the job that’s perfect requires real insight, persistence and courage.  Sadly, people often fall into a pattern of jobs that don’t really satisfy their true purpose. We all make poor career decisions at one time or another, some choices are more serious than others and can have a far-reaching impact. 

I share my transformation from closet creative to confident artist with fellow creatives who are ready to develop their mindset for success.  We do this through a mix of coaching sessions and a project planning.

Send me an email and tell me more about your creative dreams and what support you would like.

“The only people who get paid enough, get paid what they’re worth are people who don’t follow the instruction book, who create art, who are innovative, who work without a map. That option is now available to everyone so take it.”

– Seth Godin, Author & Entrepreneur


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