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First impressions are crucial and setting up for a show can be stressful, trying to remember everything you might need, making sure you have enough stock and then displaying all of that with creativity, attention to detail and flair.  Never mind contending with the weather, uneven ground and a tight budget!  With only 5 seconds to catch the attention of passers by and lots of other exciting distractions going on, it's a challenge!  Well, this year the Royal Three Counties judges were impressed with the Sam Morris Cow Art trade stand....yey!  A huge amount of effort and thought had gone into the design of this stand which was a major factor in their decision.  There's still a lot for me to figure out about this and each time I try to get a little better at it.  So here's what I've learned so far and I've turned a few things that have helped me into my top tips for making your stand ... stand out!  I'd love to hear your top tips too.
  1. Display a large, impressive piece of work that draws people in to inspect the detail of your work
  2. Make your display visually stimulating by presenting your work at different heights
  3. If you have an assistant (paid or volunteering), make sure they know their stuff
  4. Business cards and leaflets need to be easy for people to see and take
  5. Don't put your table across entrance to your stand
  6. Add fresh flowers, they make you and your visitors happy
  7. Creative lighting (fairy lights, battery powered) works wonders
  8. Your company name should be largely and proudly presented
  9. Regular housekeeping and tidying will keep you and your stand looking smart and professional
  10. Make your stand interactive, so people can touch, comment and engage with you


Oh... 1 more:  Don't be afraid to move your stand around or to tweak your display during the show.  If something isn't looking right or people are not noticing something you thought they would love, change it, move it, tweak it!

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  • Joan Wallington

    Fantastic news! Well done Sam and so deserved. My other top tip I would add possibly would be to have perhaps a small piece of furniture that you might pick up from a car boot that you could recondition – that has mini shelves to display smaller paintings /mats on? – which might help with different heights that you have suggested above

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