7 Learning Habits - Vlog #9

by Samantha Morris

After a year of studying an oil diploma at the Norfolk Painting School, I share with you the 7 learning habits that I developed to make the most of this experiential learning opportunity.

In this weeks episode you'll …

❤️See inside the classroom studio at Norfolk Painting School

❤️Watch as we help each other prepare for our exhibition 

❤️Hear my top 7 habits for learning as an artist

7 Learning Habits:

1 - Displace yourself

2 - Commit to a learning pattern

3 - Step into being scared

4 - Practise being watched

5 - Write it then write it again

6 - Experiment with tools

7 - Invest in YOUR team

A special thank you to all of the contributors in this weeks vlog episode:

❤️Norfolk Painting School

❤️Music “I got you” Birgersson Lundberg

❤️Diploma 5 team (Heather, Helen, Bryony, Brian, Paul O, Christine, Catherine, Paul H, TomTom, Amy, Trevor, Viv, Derek, Gary & Lisa)

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