Canvas Print Care

by Samantha Morris

How to care for your custom photo to canvas prints

Your stretched canvas prints can easily last over 100+ years if they are properly cared for and it doesn’t take much to care for them.  Dusting your canvas prints is about all you should have to do every few years. Here are some basic guidelines for taking care of your cows, I mean stretched canvas artwork.

Hanging Your Stretched Canvas Prints 

  • Canvas prints are made to be hung inside a temperature controlled environment.
  • Never hang your canvas prints outside, in areas of high humidity, or near any heat source.   Since canvas is made from cotton, your canvas print can expand and contract in areas where the temperature fluctuates excessively.  The stretcher bars that your canvas is wrapped around could also warp in areas of high humidity.
  • Winter – Your canvas might loosen and sag because of the cold.  No fix is necessary.
  • Summer – Your canvas print should tighten up in the warmer weather.
  • Our canvas prints come with 2-3 coats of special varnish that adds a tough and flexible layer of protection.  This varnish also provides protection from UV rays, but if the canvas is placed in direct sunlight the ink and canvas itself will eventually fade over time.

How to tighten a loose and saggy canvas print:

If over the years you notice that your canvas is starting to loosen up and sag, you can try the following:

  • Spray an even,  fine mist of clean water or distilled water on the back of the canvas. The canvas should tighten up when it dries.

You will want to treat your limited edition print just like any other piece of art and just as with any artwork you may experience some unwanted scratches and nicks. These can be touched up with any type of archival ink pen or marker which can be purchased at your local art or craft store.

When choosing the perfect spot for your canvas, we recommend placing the canvas where it will not be subject to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Though your canvas is sprayed with a UV Protector, over exposure to sunlight can cause discoloration and damage of your print.

Handling Your Stretched Canvas Print

  • Please make sure that you clean your hands before handling any canvas prints.
  • Do not place anything on top of the canvas or lay your canvas with the front facing down.
  • Try not to poke or press down on the canvas because you could leave an impression that might not go away.

    Cleaning Your Stretched Canvas Prints – Never use any chemical cleaners to clean your photo canvas prints.

    • Your canvas prints will pick up dust over time. You can gently wipe the dust off with a clean, soft, dry cloth. You can also use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to get rid of any dust on the surface of the canvas.
    • If your canvas print is located in a heavily trafficked area, it will probably pick up a little more dirt/dust  than usual. You can easily clean the canvas by  lightly dampening a clean cloth with water and gently wiping the surface and sides of the canvas print.
    • To remove splashes just wipe very gently with a lightly damp soft cloth.  Do not rub your canvas print too hard or continuously in the same areas because you could damage the protective coating and the ink.

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