Cow Art Week

by Samantha Morris


Most weeks in Cow Art world are awesome.  

Why?, 'cause I make sure that it happens that way.  Sure there are things that challenge me and other stuff that gets in the way but I always bring it back to the simple ritual of cleaning the studio at the beginning of the week.

Japanese declutter expert Marie Kondo believes that “Tidying is a dialogue with one’s self” and that's certainly true for me.  At the beginning of the week, I'm saying to myself "lets have a productive week" and I have to make space for that to happen.

As if by magic, the ritual of tidying and preparing ahead helps me to gain momentum and satisfaction as creative projects develop and new opportunities roll in.

I've filmed my week to show you how cleaning my studio got me into the right groove to then crack on with workshop preparations, filming, editing, painting, print displays and research.  All of that achieved, 'cause I tidied up!


Cow Art Week from Sam Morris on Vimeo.





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