Are you ever ready? - Vlog #3

by Samantha Morris

 In this weeks episode you'll 

  • see behind the scenes as I set up for the first cow art group workshop
  • get a schurlp from a Jersey girl
  • take a sneak peek at my cowsters being made 

Are you ever ready ?  Me? I’m never ready!  

Sunday 21st January 2018 marks the day of the first group cow art workshop.  I’ve enjoyed many 1-2-1 art workshops in the cowshed studio but I've not taken this workshop into a group dynamic….yet!

I remember my friend Emily advising me to bring people together for art workshops as I had limited time and I was turning many people away for the 1-2-1 experiences. 

My first thought was, well I’m not ready for that stage yet!  

Then, I was reminded how wonderful it feels to be part of a learning group, thanks to my friends at Norfolk painting school.  We supported one another through a year-long diploma and somehow we became a collective who were emotionally and aesthetically engaged in creating art, solving problems and gently challenging each others understanding.   

Then, I remembered all my years of delivering business and personal development courses to groups of young people and business mentors at The Prince’s Trust.  How I really enjoyed those moments of being taught as much I did the teaching.  You know, those moments where an innocent comment has had the power to change your perspective?

Then, my friend Emma offered the space above her hair studio to use as an art workshop.  I loved the idea that it meant that the workshop was being held in an unusual space, a sociable space and that Emma trusted me to make it work.

So maybe I was ready after all!  

But you know how sometimes your mind works against you (trying to keep you safe and comfortable), well my next limiting belief was that not many people would want to learn “how to paint a cow” it’s a niche subject after all!  There was only one way to find out - to create a workshop and tell folk about it, gauge the reaction and go from there.  Well the first workshop sold out in 1-day, I was blown away.  The wheels were set in motion and it became my focus to prepare as much as I could so everyone on the workshop had the best opportunity to have a wonderful experience.

What I’ve learnt through art is that it’s not just something wonderful to hang on our walls but if people are involved in the creation of art, they not only experience a transformation from blank canvas to visual delight but a personal transformation of confidence and pride.

Many people end up not doing the things they’d love to do and tell themselves they're not ready.  Well, what if... the only way to be ready was to prepare as much as possible, so when opportunity does come along, you're more inclined to take a step towards it … to be curious about it … to find out more?

Being prepared and being ready are two different things.  Much to my disappointment, I don’t think I’m ever going to be the type of person to yell “yes, I’m ready”.   I’m more likely to quietly gather the facts, line-up the synchronicities, assemble my resources to then enable the opportunities - in other words … prepare.

I know a few of the students tomorrow will be flitting somewhere between nervous and excited energy and it’s my job to fast-track them into a relaxed creative state of mind so they can get the very best out of the day.  I know some of them will be telling themselves that they don’t really know how to paint and I'll be reassuring them that you don’t know what you can do until you do it, and then you become someone who …. does it!  I'll tell them (as I tell myself) not to think if they can do it or not, just prepare so the opportunity for it to be great is inevitable.

Wish me luck on the first ever group cow art workshop, it’s going to be a riot! - I’ll be sure to let you know how we all get on and I’ll be excited to update you all in next weeks vlog.

A special thank you to the vlog contributors in this weeks episode:

  • Jacky from JB Print & Design
  • Emma and Jay from Ell Hair Studio
  • The Jersey Girls from Manor Farm (thank you Gemma)
  • Music "Falling Fast" featuring Sadie

Love Sam and the cows x Every Sunday I will publish a short film that will take you with me on my ‘who knows where’ adventures finding inspiration and then back to the studio taking you through the stages of creating a finished piece of art.

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This vlog is part of the "Be An Artist" collection of storytelling, courses and experiences inspiring a generation of creative minds to take action on their artistic ambitions.  Art has the power to transform, illuminate, educate, inspire and motivate.  Art offers us a reason to come together and share in an experience. Art will keep us connected.

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