Best part of the job - vlog#6

by Samantha Morris


In this weeks episode you’ll get to see the very best part of the job of being an artist…..

❤️Join me as I deliver once of my favourite paintings “Good Luck & Happiness” original painting

❤️Watch the stages of development of a painting created as a birthday gift for Becca

❤️Join me as I set up the surprise and big reveal in Cafe au Chocolat

A special thank you to all of the contributors in this weeks' episode:

❤️Nigel & Liz at Cafe au Chocolat, Tewkesbury
❤️Mr & Mrs Austin
❤️Tom, Myrtle, Becca and family
The very best part of my job is the delivery of a finished painting.  It’s a nerve wracking moment wondering if I’ve got the design right and that the recipient not only likes it but LOVES it.  When time and location allows I love to deliver original paintings in person or even help set up a special reveal to make the moment memorable.
I paint because it makes me happy.  When I paint for someone else it makes both me and them happy.  Then when they arrange for the painting as a gift for their special someone it makes three of us happy!  It’s contagious, this happiness lark and that is why this is the best part of the job.
Every Sunday I will publish a short film that will take you with me on my ‘who knows where’ adventures finding inspiration and then back to the studio taking you through the stages of creating a finished piece of art.

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This vlog is part of the "Be An Artist" collection of storytelling, courses and experiences inspiring more creativity.

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