Born in a Barn - Vlog #16

by Samantha Morris

This week we're off to Hampshire delivering the original painting "Remembering the hay days" for Jennie and the team who work at de Mellow & Co. Their new offices are a converted barn, so I designed their commission to link to the history of the building but it also represents a fresh start too.

Then we go over to Eames Farm, which is another converted barn, the perfect venue for the "How to paint a cow" workshop.

A special thank you to all of the contributors in this weeks vlog episode:

❤️ Jennie and all the team at de Mellow & Co

❤️ Music “Painted Cup" Johan Glössner

❤️ Eames Farm and Chichester Harbour Conservancy

❤️ The Deck

❤️ Aime and family for looking after me during my stay

Every Sunday I publish a short film that shares my story of what it takes to “Be An Artist”, the challenges, the experiences, the support and the inspiration.

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