How to stay motivated - vlog #19

by Samantha Morris

How do you stay motivated?

Me? Well I meet with other creatives and we challenge one another to try new things. Sometimes these things scare us but with a little bit of support and accountability we achieve so much more.

In “Making Learning Fun: A Taxonomy of Intrinsic Motivations for Learning” authors Thomas Malone and Mark Leeper identify intrinsic motivation to include:

1. Challenge: People are more motivated when they pursue goals with personal meaning and when attaining the goal is possible but not necessarily certain. These goals may also relate to their self-esteem.

2. Curiosity: Internal motivation is increased when something in the physical environment grabs the individual's attention (sensory curiosity). It also occurs when something about the activity stimulates the person to want to learn more (cognitive curiosity).

3. Control: People want control over themselves and their environments and want to

4. Cooperation: Intrinsic motivation can be increased in situations where people gain satisfaction from helping others.

5. Recognition: People enjoy having their accomplishment recognised by others, which can increase internal motivation.

To help you consolidate this information, let’s make it super personal and useful for you, ask yourself the following questions then write your responses in your journal. Be as descriptive and specific as possible. Better still, get a trusted friend to ask you these questions and record your conversation on your audio app on your mobile phone

💡 How will your new task will IMPROVE your confidence

💡 What STIMULATES your creativity?

💡 What will you LEARN?

💡 What do you need to CHANGE in your environment?

💡 How do you want to FEEL ?

A special thank you to all of the contributors in this weeks vlog episode:

❤️ Suzanne Edwards and The Quirky Herd.

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Every Sunday I publish a short film that shares my story of what it takes to “Be An Artist”, the challenges, the experiences, the support and the inspiration.

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