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It's the International Day of Happiness today and the Vernal Equinox means it is the first day of Spring.  Longer and brighter days are on their way at last and over the coming weeks as the weather improves cows will be released from their sheds into the green fields skipping and jumping for joy - and that'll be me soon too!  

Most people know me as an energetic person generous with my smiles and creative in all aspects of my life.  But when the winter skies grow heavier, when the day-time gives way to the moon, the darkness sets in way before dinner.....oh my, oh my.  Day after day after day I slow down and my body crawls into what feels like an in-escapable, anti-social black hole.  Annoyingly I know the feeling is coming, it’s a yearning to hibernate like a grizzly bear slowing down and heading into a deep sleep.  

As the feeling accumulates in my body,  I feel low in energy, I procrastinate, my thinking is scattered, and my positivity scrapes the bottom of an all time low.  To make things worse, the things that I know will make me feel better, the things I actually really do love, like exercising and eating good food become so hard to get motivated to even consider never mind prepare or organise.

This feeling seems to be with me for four months from December through to March.  Now this all sounds like a sorry state to be in, but in reality it's fine. It's just foggy.  The most frustrating thing is that to-do list just keeps growing and here-in lies the danger that I become flooded with that nasty cortisol hormone flowing around my body waiting for overwhelm to sneak up on me.

Overwhelm is a sneaky critter, it's often accompanied with the mindset monsters and a curve ball like a super important opportunity that requires 5 star rocket fuel poured over my cornflakes to get-it-done!  Well at this point I know I have a choice.  To curl up on the sofa underneath the fleecy blanket or I can choose not to believe in overwhelm and I find a way to get-on-with it.

I mostly choose to get-on-with-it albeit at a slower pace during those times.

I try to do what is right for me in the long-term rather than what's easier for me right now.  I might be making this sound easy, far from it.  This has been a hard lesson to learn, as the rare days when I let the sofa and blanket actually win,  I know I sink deeper into that black hole, I shrink, I'm quiet and I make it a tougher climb out for myself.  

To "get-on-with-it" is far from a gentle positive affirmation that might work for some people but for me "get-on-with-it" is infused with the feeling of action and backed-up with an understanding and choice of how I manage my energy.

If you can think of everything as energy that flows in and out of your life.  You can start to get a sense of "going with the flow" surfing the energy waves that surround you.  

The problem occurs when you have a low energy vibe and your responsibilities demand high energy, there's gonna be fallout for sure.  Then the things that you want to do just for you just never get done.  This was me when I dreamed of becoming an artist but could never find the time to get-on-with-it until I committed myself to a consistent course of action, starting with once a month, then once a week then once a day.

On the back of this experience I've created my "Be an Artist" 6 week course of action for people who need encouragement, inspiration and real practical how-to's on how to be an artist.  Click here if you'd love more information. 

The 6 week course includes:
1 - VISION : Create your artistic vision
2 - FLOW : Enhance your productivity 
3 - ECOSYSTEM : Develop your products
4 - UPPER LIMITS : Bust your excuses
5 - TOOLS : Essential behind the scenes tools
6 - LAUNCH : Portfolio launch
Click here if you'd love more information, price and pre-launch extras

Find time to lose yourself in what you love, keep learning, keep taking consistent small steps of action - I'm with you all the way.

Happiness always















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