Shared experiences - Vlog #8

by Samantha Morris

Oh … shared experiences, the power of being together ...
There’s a something of a superpower that’s created with a shared experience, that I really, really I mean really love.  By simply being with one another we build connections, we amplify the experience and we create special memories.
My Dad once told me that "the best investment in life is to create memories”, it’s one of my favourite pieces of advice to this day and it influences my decisions both, big and small.
I’ve noticed in the cow art workshops how people come together for the day, share a unique experience, support one another and create a special memory.  To watch it unfold in front of me is really special.  I try my best to catch these moments without intruding too much on them.
I believe, if an experience is shared, it’s amplified, it’s more beautiful, more intense, it carries more meaning.  Like walking up a hill to discover a beautiful view or even everyday experiences like sipping a cuppa tea, tastes better with someone who’s sipping a cuppa tea too.
So go and put the kettle on and let’s have a cuppa tea x
A special thank you to all of the contributors in this weeks' episode:
❤️Gina and all the girls on her Hen Party
❤️All the students on "How to paint a cow" workshop 
❤️Emma & Jay at ELL Hair Studio
❤️Gill at Tillys
❤️Theoc House
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