Think different - Vlog #7

by Samantha Morris

In this weeks episode, we do something a bit different, you’ll ...
❤️Watch a shabby chic furniture makeover
❤️Watch the creation of a matching cow
❤️Be inspired to think different to get unique results
A special thank you to all of the contributors in this weeks' episode:
❤️Katie for all your help getting the table!
❤️Labels, for your trust in me
❤️Catherine for naming the painting “Maisy Bee"
Working with the Labels team and learning about the big launch of “The Attic” I've been thinking a wee bit differently about how to create cow art that works within their 4 design themes: 
Traditional, think country house meets elaborate
Quirky Colour, think something unique and fun (this could be me!)
Shabby chic meets luxe, think creams progressing to luxurious golds 
Rustic, think of something unique from years gone by 
As well as painting, I love to refurbish old furniture,  put the love back into it and I felt inspired to create cow art that matched that furniture.  On face value that might sound a little odd but I’ve just got an instinct that this will work.  I hope you enjoy watching the process and in future vlogs I will take you to see the display at Labels.
Every Sunday I will publish a short film that will take you with me on my ‘who knows where’ adventures finding inspiration and then back to the studio taking you through the stages of creating a finished piece of art.
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This vlog is part of the "Be An Artist" collection of storytelling, courses, and experiences inspiring more creativity.

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