Micro Exhibition - Vlog #38

by Samantha Morris

I’ve been to see the most amazing exhibition called “Through the eye of a needle” by artist Willard Wigan MBE, over at Broadway Museum in the Cotswolds. It’s amazing because it’s a collection of micro-sculptures. You might think “oh okay small sculptures” nope I mean super micro, so much so they are presented in the eye of a needle. While I was there I was lucky enough to meet Willard himself and hear many of his stories, but the one that sticks with is that when he was at school he had a lot of trouble, because of his learning differences and he was made to feel small. That sent him into a magical world of everything that is small and it turns out that his mothers advice encouraged him to make a difference in the world in lots of small ways. Click the link to hear how Willard puts it…. Thank you to this weeks vlog contributors ❤️ Willard Wigan MBE ❤️ Broadway Museum & Art Gallery https://broadwaymuseum.org.uk ❤️ Jason Conway ❤️ Vicky Phelps

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