How to paint a Giraffe

Join Sam for a 1-day workshop learning how to paint a Giraffe!

The day starts at 10:30 am and runs through until 4:30pm.  A confirmation, venue details, what to expect and what to bring email will land in your email inbox automatically after booking.

Throughout the day Sam demonstrates every stage and you follow along, you're also supported by various 1-2-1 sessions through the day too.  The painting behind me in the photograph was a special commission created for a customer, which will be part of our inspiration on the day along with lots of other Giraffe images.   I will encourage you to create your own unique painting, so every painting is different and personalised especially for you.

Most people who come on the workshop haven't painted since school and end up really chuffed with their characters at the end of the day.

ONLINE students:

The Live online workshop is designed to be an interactive painting day together but should you not be able to attend the LIVE you can always watch the pre-recorded learning videos that you automatically have access to.

You will need the following to take part:

🎨 Canvas, wood or canvas pad (any size you fancy)

🎨 Brushes (big 2 inch decorators brush, medium flat head brush and small detail brush)

🎨 Acrylic paint (any colours you like)

🎨 Access to a mobile, tablet or computer

In addition you my like to gather together, paper, kitchen roll, table cover, apron, wet wipes, chalk, hair-dryer, water container for brushes, a pallet to mix paints on (an old plate will do) and an easel (not essential).  On booking of this workshop you will have access to a free download of tips to get the best out of this workshop, links to recommended materials and some top tips for a great set-up.  Then near the workshop day I will email you links to our private Facebook group, and links to the pre-recorded videos too (so you can watch anytime).

If the date is greyed-out that means all places have sold out.


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