HOW EXPERIENCED DO I NEED TO BE TO ATTEND A WORKSHOP? Most people haven't painted since school and are a little nervous to begin with this soon disappears as we get stuck into the painting.  

WHEN DO I GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE WORKSHOP?  A week before your booked workshop date.

CAN I GET A REFUND?  Workshops - yes with 2 weeks notice before the event.  Paintings and gifts - yes if you're not 100 % happy.

DO YOU DO VOUCHERS?  Yes click the "shop online" link.  Vouchers can be redeemed against paintings, prints, gifts, workshops or courses.

CAN I COMMISSION A PAINTING?  Yes,  please be aware there is currently a 6 month waiting list.   All original paintings are registered with the Fine Art Trade Guild and will arrive with a certificate of authenticity. Email your ideas, size and budget through to get booked in the painting diary.

Commission prices & sizes for original acrylic paintings are:

    • £495 for a 61 x 91cm
    • £596 100 x 100cm
    • £695 193 x 61 cm
  • Please email me for a specific quote for oil paintings.

WILL YOU DONATE TO MY CHARITY?  I get a lot of requests through so I choose to give my time and work on projects where I have a personal connection to the with the cause.

CAN I VISIT YOUR STUDIO ?  Yes, by appointment.  Message me to arrange, suggesting a few dates and times.  I'm based at The Loft, High St, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

WHEN ARE YOU HOLDING WORKSHOPS IN MY AREA?  Workshops are currently being held in Tewkesbury at my studio or online until Covid restrictions ease further.

CAN CHILDREN ATTEND YOUR WORKSHOPS?  Yes if booked on with an adult. 

CAN I CHANGE THE DATE OF MY WORKSHOP?  Please don't it's a real pain.

CAN I BOOK A 1-2-1 WITH YOU?  1-2-1 mentoring is part of the Creative Retreat package, for artists wanting to build their confidence and develop their style.  Find more information on the "Creative Retreat" page

CAN I PAINT AND SELL MY OWN ARTWORK HAVING ATTENDED YOUR WORKSHOP? Yes if you create your own unique work but not if you are using my method, style process or designs.  My work and designs are legally protected through the Intellectual Property Copyright and The Fine Art Trade Guild, any infringement activates a legal cease and desist process.  The course, the designs or the art created on it are not to be sold without permission or licensed agreement.  I know many of you are inspired to paint and sell after the course,  The very best way forward with this is to develop your own unique style.  I often share tips and behind the scenes processes on my YouTube channel to inspire you further.

❤️ Sam and the cows 🐮 x