Working with schools

I often work with schools either by way of a short painting workshop, a pop-up art studio or a creative collaboration on a bigger project.  Working with Northway Infant School every year we design a creative workshop that adds value to the curriculum and learning experience. This year it's been all about animals that live in our hedgerows and how John Moore a talented naturalist from schooldays, who was campaigned for the preservation of everything connected with the rural scene. He fought to conserve the architectural heritage of Tewkesbury, his native town, and was also the founder and driving force behind the Cheltenham Literary Festival.

The children's task was to spy an animal in the specially made "watch boxes" and mix it with their imagination to paint me an animal. Over 100 animals were painted in the workshop which were then scanned and digitally collaged to create the final artwork, which hangs in the school.  The children were then invited to view their artwork on display in Time on The Brush gallery in Tewkesbury.

Head Teacher Mrs Morley, said "We are proud he saved the hedgerows from being destroyed and the children really enjoyed learning all about our wonderful town in their Terrific Tewkesbury topic!"
If you would like to arrange a creative collaboration for your school email for more information.

Northway School and Sam Morris Art work