Wild Autumn

Sam Morris Cow Art

Wild Autumn original painting has been created on a large panoramic canvas (61 x 183 cm) on a deep edge boxed canvas, which makes for an unique piece of artwork.  Created with opulent emerald green and purple hues mixed with gold leaf.  Around the deep edges of the canvas is a handwritten poem...

"As the wind weaves through my hair and the rain kisses my face, I am pulled to adventure. Into the wild, climb mountains high, looking at clouds, amazed by colour and changing light. It’s the light that guides me and twinkles in my eye that can be seen by passers-by. So when you next hear the wind leave the trees listen in for direction and take a chance on inspiration. New people, new paths, new experiences to be shared for the wind favors those who are not attached to a destination but are full of joy for the most thrilling and curious discoveries."

Your original painting will arrive ready to hang for you and is supplied with it's unique certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and super wrapped for protection during delivery.


Delivery Time scales

Please allow up to 14 days for delivery in mainland UK and approximately 2-4 weeks for delivery to Europe. For the rest of the world,  please allow 4-6 weeks.

I'm often much quicker than the timescales I've mentioned above but from time to time I can be away from the studio at shows and it can take me a day or two to catch up with orders.  Either way I'll always let you know.

If you are in a rush for your order, just let me know, I'll do everything possible to help.



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