Inspiring the future - Vlog #4

by Samantha Morris


I had great synchronicity this week as Emma a young mum of two boys, requested illustrations for her children stories and then Beanstalk the children’s literacy charity invited me to their Gloucestershire launch.   This seemed like a meaningful coincidence of storytelling, reading and inspiration, that I had to share with you - and you might be able to help too.

In this weeks episode you'll 

  • hear how Emma, a young Mum inspires her young boys with stories and rhyme
  • get a sneak peek of the first draft of Emma’s story being illustrated using Procreate on the iPad pro
  • join me at the Gloucestershire launch of “Beanstalk" the children's literacy charity
  • link to inspiring opportunities that transform young lives
Emma has noticed that her two young boys love to hear rhymes and stories and wants to further encourage their learning, so with this in mind she has taken to writing stories and recording the audio.  Emma has brilliant tone and rhythm of her voice which captures her boy's attention.   This is critical for her boys as statistics show that young male readers lag behind their female counterparts in literacy skills.  The complex social, psychological and developmental issues why this is the case can be tackled in creative ways, it just so happens that Beanstalk is one of the organisations leading the way.
Beanstalk’s service is simple yet highly effective. They recruit, train and support volunteers to provide one-to-one literacy support to primary school children who need their help.  The children they help may have fallen behind in their reading, lack confidence, or struggle with their fluency, comprehension or vocabulary.

Their one-to-one reading support changes the child's life, improving their reading ability, inspiring confidence in their own ability, increasing their enjoyment of reading. Beanstalk reading helpers are trained to recognise what challenges each child faces and tailor their sessions to support each child.  Each Beanstalk trained reading helper works with on average three children and provides consistent support on a weekly basis, for a whole school year. Together, they read, play and talk. With Beanstalk's support, the child's approach to reading and learning is often transformed.  

Beanstalk South West is recruiting for volunteers and a part-time paid co-ordinator position, I’ve added the links below so you can investigate the opportunities yourself:


 Paid coordinators:

Tune into BBC Radio Gloucestershire on Monday at lunchtime to hear more about Beanstalk and a little interview with me and other volunteer reading helpers too.  Radio broadcaster, Dom Cotter regularly interviews Gloucestershire's big names, unsung heroes, experts and characters every weekday at 12 noon.

A special thank you to the contributors in this weeks vlog episode:

  • Emma Wakefield, story narrator
  • Beanstalk staff and volunteers
  • Dom Cotter, BBC broadcaster
  • Music “As far as you want to"

Every Sunday I will publish a short film that will take you with me on my ‘who knows where’ adventures finding inspiration and then back to the studio taking you through the stages of creating a finished piece of art.

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This vlog is part of the "Be An Artist" collection of storytelling, courses and experiences inspiring a generation of creative minds to take action on their artistic ambitions.  Art has the power to transform, illuminate, educate, inspire and motivate.  Art offers us a reason to come together and share in an experience. Art will keep us connected.

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