Be An Artist

  • Make it Special - Vlog #13
    April 28, 2018 Samantha Morris

    Make it Special - Vlog #13

    It's Vlog #13 and what better way to mark the occasion than the creation of a painting for a wedding held on the 13th April. Original commissions are bespoke. They're made with the customers story weaved in and around it....

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  • Plan An Adventure - Vlog #12
    April 28, 2018 Samantha Morris

    Plan An Adventure - Vlog #12

    I think it was Peter Pan who said: "Would you like to go on an adventure, or shall we have our tea first?" This weeks' vlog is of a similar vibe as I start to plan to tour the "How...

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  • Retail Display Tips - Vlog #10
    March 11, 2018 Samantha Morris

    Retail Display Tips - Vlog #10

      I’ve just taken my paintings, prints and products over to Labels at Ross-on-Wye to be displayed in their newly refurbished department “The Attic”.  In this week’s vlog you’ll get to see the set-up and I’ll share with you my...

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  • 7 Learning Habits - Vlog #9
    March 4, 2018 Samantha Morris

    7 Learning Habits - Vlog #9

    After a year of studying an oil diploma at the Norfolk Painting School, I share with you the 7 learning habits that I developed to make the most of this experiential learning opportunity.
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  • Shared experiences - Vlog #8
    February 25, 2018 Samantha Morris

    Shared experiences - Vlog #8

    Oh … shared experiences, the power of being together ... There’s a something of a superpower that’s created with a shared experience, that I really, really I mean really love.  By simply being with one another we build connections, we...

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  • Think different - Vlog #7
    February 17, 2018 Samantha Morris

    Think different - Vlog #7

     In this weeks episode, we do something a bit different, you’ll ... ❤️Watch a shabby chic furniture makeover ❤️Watch the creation of a matching cow ❤️Be inspired to think different to get unique results A special thank you to...

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  • Best part of the job - vlog#6
    February 11, 2018 Samantha Morris

    Best part of the job - vlog#6

    I paint because it makes me happy.  When I paint for someone else it makes both me and them happy.  Then when they arrange for the painting as a gift for their special someone it makes three of us happy!  It’s contagious, this happiness lark and that is why this is the best part of the job.
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  • Artist Friends - Vlog #5
    February 4, 2018 Samantha Morris

    Artist Friends - Vlog #5

    It’s been an action-packed week of making new friends and catching up with some of the old ones too! It’s typical of artists who often work in isolation, just like I do, to sometimes neglect the social aspects of their work.  It can take a special effort to prize our introverted selves away from our projects and put on clean (non-paint-splattered clothes) and get out there.  It can be especially frightening to do so in a networking setting with unfamiliar faces.
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